Reviews from past clients

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Here are some reviews from previous clients:


"With coming from a dairy farm and part of a large farming community, I've been to countless outdoor events – from weddings, to concerts, plowing matches and fairs. When it came time to begin planning for our wedding which was in a rural setting at an outdoor pavilion, the thought of even stepping foot in a portable toilet (outhouse), in my wedding gown made me cringe. I began researching online for outdoor toilets and stumbled upon Lavish Portable Restrooms. As soon as I looked at the pictures I knew this would create the “wow factor” I was looking for, along with comfort at our wedding. Let me tell you it definitely did, there was not a single complaint from any guest only positive feedback. Ashley was wonderful to work with from the beginning to the end. Lavish Portable Restrooms comes very highly recommended in my books."

- Katie Kirby, Corbyville (ON)