The Forgotten Necessity For Outdoor Weddings!

It is no surprise that outdoor weddings require a lot of planning and preparation to go off without a hitch. One needs to think of tents, food, tables, décor and serving staff to name a few. One item that is often left to the end and can make or break the whole event is restroom facilities! That's right, imagine a stunning tent, a beautiful bride and an unsightly porta potty. Luxury portable restroom trailers are definitely an investment from your wedding budget but well worth it to make your special day comfortable and worry free. Portable restroom trailers give the bride a clean place to use the restroom with added room for her bridesmaids to help with her dress. Hot running water for a sanitary hand washing. Air conditioning for the hot days and heat for the cooler evenings. Another overlooked feature is lighting. Porta potties are often unlit and leave your guest guessing as to where the toilet seat is, luxury portable restroom trailers are lit with LED lighting both inside and out. How about touching up your hair or makeup not in unlit porta potty but in a luxury portable restroom you have a large mirror to touch up your hair before hitting the dance floor. Last and perhaps most importantly no one wants odour creeping back to the dance floor or worse the dinner table from a porta potty. With portable restroom trailers odour minimizing products are used as well as self contained tanks to minimize any smells being emitted into the party air. So as you plan your outdoor event don't forget about the one thing every guest will be using, the restrooms.

Gloria Tibavisco